Celebrate Independence at Savannah Beach Club This Year!

Welcome to a spectacular Independence Day celebration at Savannah Beach Club! Immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of the island with our exclusive Staycations and Day Passes, designed for an unforgettable experience. Choose the perfect getaway with our Staycations starting at BDS 400, offering a delightful breakfast or indulge in the all-inclusive package at BDS 600. Experience the essence of Barbadian culture with local entertainment, featuring a captivating floor show and DJ, accompanied by the refreshing delights of coconut water and snowcone vendors. Our Staycations are available from Nov 29th to Dec 3rd, and for families, the first child under 12 stays free when sharing with two adults.

If you're seeking a day of pure indulgence, our Day Passes are the ideal choice. Valid from 8 am to 5 pm, these passes include a delectable breakfast, a specially crafted Independence Day lunch, refreshing drinks, and a delightful afternoon tea. Enjoy the rhythm of the island with live entertainment, featuring a mesmerizing floor show and DJ, all while savoring the treats from coconut water and snowcone vendors. Join us in celebrating Independence Day in style with the best of local cuisine, entertainment, and relaxation at Savannah Beach Club!

SAV NovemberStaycation 201123 1 Staycation 1Staycations 

BDS 400 - breakfast only

BDS 600- all-inclusive 

On Independence Day enjoy local Local Entertainment; a Floor show & DJ as well as Coconut water & Snowcone Vendors for all-inclusive guests

Price per night based on double occupancy. Offer valid Nov 29th - Dec 3rd 

SavannahBeachHotel IndependenceMenuOnline 251023 1080x1080 1 2Independence Lunch 

See our full independence menu 

SAV NovemberStaycation 201123 Daypass 1Day Passes  

Offer Valid from 8 am - 5 pm 

Includes breakfast, Independence Day lunch, Drinks and afternoon Tea.

We will also have Local Entertainment; a Floor show & DJ as well as Coconut water & Snowcone Vendors 

Call us now at 434-3800  or email  for reservations now!