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Right across the road from Savannah Beach Hotel sits Barbados’ Garrison. Inscribed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 2011, Historic Bridgetown and Its Garrison hold a unique and captivating history which is well worth learning about. Bridgetown, being one of the earliest founded towns, was quickly established as a major port for importing and exporting goods and sugar which helped to greatly expand the British Empire within the Americas in the 17th, 18th and 19th century.

St. Ann’s Garrison or St Ann’s Fort, more simply referred to as “The Garrison”, is believed to be the most intact and authentic Bristish Garrison complex and dates back to 1650. The area was established to house the British military and their supplies like ammunition storage after the outbreak of the War of the Spanish Succession.

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Initially, the Garrison also included the entire Pavilion Court site and the Military Hospital, which is now the Savannah Hotel. Today the main complex comprises the Savannah or the race track, the Headquarters and barracks of the Barbados Defense Force, the old Military Prison, the Barbados Museum and Historical Society , George Washington House and a few more.


Join the fascinating Historic Garrison Tour and visit George Washington House where the first president of the United States stayed during his first and only trip outside of America, experience the once lost Garrison Tunnels, visit Charles Fort and so much more.