Visit One of these Gorgeous Beaches Nearby

With a ton of amenities like a large outdoor pool, spa and 3 restaurants, to name a few, there’s much to occupy your time while staying at the lovely Savannah Beach Hotel. However, while vacationing in Barbados it would be almost sinful to not pay the beach a visit at least once. Feel free to peruse the list we’ve put together of beautiful beaches close by where you can spend your days frolicking and sunbathing in comfort and style.

Pirates Cove

The farthest out on this list, Pirates Cove is approximately 2.6km away from Savannah Beach Hotel. However, it’s well worth the visit. With a restaurant, beach chairs and umbrellas, changing rooms and shower facilities, watersports, and an indoor night club, Pirates Cove has all the amenities for a full, exciting beach day or night. A suitable spot for those of all ages, there are tons of activities to occupy your time or the space to lay back and relax if you’re just looking to tan and admire the crystal clear waters and golden sand.

Brownes Beach

Next up is the ever popular Brownes Beach. A favourite for tourists and locals alike, Brownes Beach is arguably the pinnacle of beaches in Barbados. The stunning golden sand and clear blue water is unmatched. Great for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing and a plethora of other watersports, like most on this list, Brownes Beach is suitable for all ages. While all amenities may not be provided under one price as at Pirate’s Cove, there are public restrooms, several beach chair and umbrella rentals and the trendy Copacabana Beach Club nearby where you can purchase food and drinks.

Pebbles Beach

Located just between Needham’s Point and Brownes Beach is Pebbles, which is also high on the list of best beaches in Barbados. Although this stretch of beach is a bit short, it continues the trend of golden sand and clear waters. While the amenities may not be as extensive as it’s neighbours, Pebbles is a short 750 meters away from Savannah and is great for a change of scenery. There are also a few great eating spots around with Cuzz’s Fish Stand right on the beach selling the best fish cutters (fish sandwiches) in Barbados as well as Bayside Plaza being the home to Indian Grill, a roti shop, Jamaica 246 Restaurant for authentic Jamaican food and Sahara Arabic Grill to name a few.

Drill Hall Beach

Right outside your doors is the lovely Drill Hall Beach. If you’re not interested in going too far or staying too long, you have the luxury of walking right onto the beach from the Savannah Hotel. While Drill Hall is better known as a surf spot, it’s great for taking a dip and sunbathing and perfect for turtle sighting at night!
Do note that if you are looking for turtles and hatchlings that you should not use flashlights or take photos with the flash on. (Stay tuned for our blog post on Turtle Watching Tip.)

Rockley (Accra) Beach

Last but certainly not least on the list is Rockley Beach. This spot is often preferred by younger Barbadians and many tourists. While the waters here may be a tad bit rough when compared to the others on the list, it is still a nice swim spot and perfect for water sports like kitesurfing and windsurfing. Not only are there restrooms and umbrella and beach chair rentals, but Accra Beach as surrounded by several restaurants, from fast food spots like Chefette, to more fine dining restaurants like Champers. There are also many vendors selling food, clothes and other trinkets right there on the beach!